Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Go away, winter. I'm over you.

The day did not go as planned. Sleeping enough took longer than expected, so I got up later than I wanted. Clearing snow after yesterday's storm was the next event. Then I was stuck at my desk doing, you know, WORK for about 3 hours longer than scheduled with some pop-up tasks that needed to be addressed.

And the rest of the day progressed with errands and family time, and next thing I's about 9pm before I get downstairs and hit the treadmill. I didn't mind, really. An easy run on the treadmill is mindless, but I really wasn't feeling it. The winter slog is getting to me. I'm ready for spring. I'm so ready for spring that I put on the shortest running shorts I have just to remember what it feels like to run without two layers of tights and three layers of tops. And a hat. And a hood. And a neck buff. And gloves. And GTX mids. And warm socks.

Go away, winter. I'm over you.

Except...I can't be over winter. Weeks yet to go, and trail to break tomorrow. I was thinking of hitting Carrigain, but temps are forecast for 0˚F at elevation. I'm not wanting to break (or nearly so depending on who's been out) for 14 miles solo in zero degree temps. I sweat. I get cold. So I have to haul a lot of crap with me to not die in the woods.

Instead, I think I'm going to head out and break a route on PrkrMtn where at least I'll get low teens for temps, circle home and change into dry layers and my lighter snowshoes, and then run the route I broke. If I'm lucky, the groomers will have been out too, and I might have even more terrain to choose from.