Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Rest Day + Airport Walkin'

Rest day today, and the first one in a while. That works out, because it's a also a travel day. Heading to a conference, and Sunday is wheels up.

Reflecting more on my Cabot performance yesterday, I'm wondering if my body is still getting used to the training load. I don't feel beat up especially, and my sleep was okay this week, averaging > 7 hours every night. But I did more miles than I had been doing, and I did 3 strength workouts. Could be my body was just a little tired at the end of Cabot and letting me know.

I still did my traditional airport walks today. At MHT, I walked from one end of the solitary, tiny terminal to the other a few times. At PHL, I didn't have a choice. I landed at terminal F, and my connection was at terminal C. I did have a choice, I guess...there was a shuttle bus. But I checked the terminal map, and they were all physically connected. So I walked, and it was only about 10 or 15 minutes to get over there.

I believe I ended up with 2x20 minutes walking sessions total. The main niggle I'm feeling is a strain from doing deadlifts that I sense behind my right knee. It continues to fade away.