Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Training Log 10-Feb-2022 Soft Snow...Mistakes Were Made

Today was a one hour zone 2 run plus a Bis & Tris workout.

The run was slower today because of the conditions outside. We got an inch or so of snow, and then rain last night. Still warm today, in the 40s, so underfoot was a mix of snow, slush, ice, and bare ground. I needed to take it easy running, being careful not to wipe out on an ice patch and also dancing around huge puddles.

I picked up the PRKR trail network towards the end of the run to get myself home, but that was a mistake, TBH. I incorrectly assumed that the super packed trail bed I've been enjoying would be adequate to support me, but nope, not really. Everything was soft. I should have been in my little racing snowshoes, although I think I would have been dealing with balling snow had I tried. Hard to say.

The next several days are forecast to be in the upper 30s and low 40s during the day, so I might experiment with the racing snowshoes and see if they are viable. If not, I'll need to stick to the road or maybe the local rail trail.

Not that it matters too much this week. I'll be traveling for a few days, so I'll have a cityscape to contend with. I've already found a multi-use trail that goes for miles and miles that I can access within a block or so of my hotel. Looking forward to that. Not super warm in Atlanta where I'm headed, but warmer than New Hampshire.