Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Training Log 5-Feb-2023

Today, Coach K assigned a zone 2 one hour run in hilly terrain. Technically, I was supposed to do that yesterday, but it was so cold yesterday and comparatively warm today. So, I did the swap, and Coach K did not object.

I did a trail run over mostly hard packed snow on PrkrMtn, the trails packed by groomers and fat bikes. I wore GTX mid trail runners and Exospikes. Glorious. The trails were so fast, not that I went that fast since this was an HR zone 2 run, which for me is 132-147bpm.


Legs are feeling good. I've been working on IT band, doing daily foam rolling and other exercises to help improve that situation. I actually felt loose today in my quads, which is a brand new experience. I'm used to feeling tight like a rubber band. So hey, I've become a fan of foam rolling.

Of course, foam rolling SUCKS. Laying on my side to rollout the outer mid quad is brutal. Hurts a lot. I can't take it for long. But I've only been at it for a few days, and it's really making a difference already. This is a big deal. For me, IT band is the recurring injury I've had for years that's always killed my high mileage hiking or running ambitions. If I can keep my IT band under control, it unlocks several quests I've not been able to attempt. I am hopeful.