Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Training Log 7-Feb-2023 Hancocks 285+6/576 28+9/W48

Training today was a run out to the Hancocks. The Hancocks means North & South Hancock. The final pitches to get up to North and down South (the normal direction) are unusually steep, even for the Whites, and my quads were pretty baked on the way out.

Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks) From South Hancock summit, looking over to North Hancock.

Since I was running in microspikes and with a full winter pack, my goal was to complete the route in < 4 hours. I finished it in 3.5, so...okay, I guess? The route is a lot faster than that, but I was sort of gassed once I got off the steeps. I jogged out what I could, but lacked energy.

My best Hancocks was last summer at about 3:15. I have a sub 3 hour somewhere in there. Looking forward to another attempt on the right day when I can run in shorts and a vest. July or August, probably. I'll need the Hancocks then.

I did not have any trouble with IT band today. After getting home, I got done with work, then rolled out and applied 30 minutes of heat to each quad. Then rolled out again.

I did have a little annoyance with Achilles tendons, in that I'm wearing zero-drop Altra Lone Peak GTX mids, the key being zero drop. Walking up the steeps to North Hancock put some extra load on. But the minor discomfort is gone now that I've been off my feet for several hours.

Overall, the run was fine. I just wanted more out of it. I told Coach K that I felt like I weighed 1,000 pounds with a full winter pack on my back plus running in microspikes. Spring is coming.

Tomorrow is a 1 hour zone 2 run, and then heavy leg day.