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Training Log 8-Feb-2023 Heavy Legs...And Heavy Legs

Training today was a one hour zone 2 run and strength training of legs & back.

So...after the Hancocks run yesterday, my legs were tired. I chose a road run today, as the weather was upper 30s and we'd had light snow in the morning. Sloppy trails with soft snow. Meh. Roads were fine as an alternate. I've had lots of trail time lately.

My one hour easy run wasn't fast, but to keep my HR up in the correct zone, I had to run faster than I really wanted to. I was happy stumping along at an 11 or 12 minute pace, but I needed to move into a 10 minute pace to get my HR high enough, unless I was running uphill, naturally. I guess my cardio is improving, much to the disappointment of my legs of whom I need to ask more now. Sigh.

I slept fine last night. The fatigue was not due to a lack of sleep. It just...was. Like I said originally, I guess I blame it on the extra effort yesterday.

After today's run, I also had to do a 5x5 heavy legs & back workout. I'm not going all that heavy yet, to be honest. Been at least 5 years since I was at my best weightlifting. I used to have a 1RM deadlift of ~350 and a back squat of ~300, and I was on track for more. But then my Crossfit gym closed, and I stopped working on increasing my 1 rep maxes.

Today, the routine assigned by Coach K included dead lifts and squats, and I worked at 185 and 145 respectively. I have no idea what my 1RMs are these days, but those were as heavy as I felt comfortable with on a 5x5 protocol as I'm just getting back into moving heavier weight. I could have safely gone heavier. I was not close to failure on either squats or deads, although I was doing a good deal of work. I was working at maybe 90% of where I should have been for as productive a 5x5 as it could have been.

The last thing I did today was baby my IT bands with foam rolling and a heating pad. They didn't give me any trouble today, although my right quad felt a little tight. The left knee didn't feel like anything at all when running, although now that I'm post-strength workout and post-rollout, I can feel the outside of the left knee being a little twingy. So...that's odd. I really, really hope I can get this IT band thing beat.

Tomorrow is a 1 hour easy run on flattish ground, so I'm thinking about heading for the local rail trail.

Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)