Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Training Log 9-Feb-2023 I Believe I Can Fly

Surprisingly good run today. I felt like I had power on demand.

"Hey body, I want to accelerate up that hill."

"Sure, no problem! How fast would you like to accelerate? Because we're up for, you know, whatever."

The whole run was like that. Power on demand. I had good pace, and a comfortable HR. I didn't expect that, as I ran yesterday and had a heavy leg workout. Maybe I actually had enough food in the tank to fuel the run? I did eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast, hydrated, and waited 20-30 minutes before heading out.

I often run fasted, since eliminating breakfast is part of how I keep my calories under control. Maybe I need to re-think that strategy, though. I was listening to the Fuel For The Sole podcast the other day, and the topic of intermittent fasting came up. They were not fans, as I recall. The logic was that your body might think it needs to hoard calories if it's not sure when it's next going to eat, especially if you have it under a regular training load. If you eat more frequently, your body will not sense a lack of food, and just process it normally instead of hoarding it.

So...maybe I need to go back to some sort of breakfast? It would need to be a clean breakfast. My old breakfast back when I was ~230 pounds was a greasy sandwich. A bagel or similar with an egg, butter, meat (ham, sausage patty, or bacon), and usually 1 (okay, or 2) slices of cheese. A real gut bomb. A much cleaner breakfast would be an egg on dry toast. Maybe a piece of cheese depending on the expected load for the day and how my protein intake has been. Oatmeal with some protein powder is my SO's favorite, although that's in part because she doesn't like eggs.