Trail Running Challenge Blog (Ethan Banks)

Twins 32/W48 + Grid 289/576 (HALFWAY!) & A New Long Run Time

Climbed the Twins via the winter route starting from the Seven Dwarves parking, leaving the expected $10 on the windshield. I started in snowshoes since it had been so warm, and trail reports from all over were of soft snow. But it was frozen solid after a cold night in single digits, so I changed into spikes and stayed in them the rest of the day.

The route was ~13.5 miles, and I averaged 2.5mph. So, just a power hike. I opted not to run (okay, maybe a little) since I had a 90 minute run scheduled for today and was solo carrying a full winter pack. Got home, rolled out, and applied some heat.

That hike got me halfway through my NH 48x12 grid. I feel really good about that, I must say. Only took about 15 years to get that far. I hope the second half goes a lot quicker.

The run today was an easy zone 2 run for 90 minutes. 90 minutes is a long run for me, as most of my runs have been 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 90 was a step up.

I was fueled with about 600 calories, mostly carbs, before heading out. That seemed to be enough. I had no trouble with energy or pace. I started out slower than normal, which I had to think about. Leaving my house is always a descent for a good distance to get down to the river, and in the cold I tend to rip down the hill to get warm. So I'll have a pace in the 8's. Slowing down got it to about a 10 minute pace.

From there, I stayed lower in town, trying to minimize elevation changes so I could focus on pace and HR management. It all went pretty well. No leg issues. No knee issues. Just general fatigue all around.

Got back and rolled out again. Foam rolling has been such a game changer.

Another hike coming up tomorrow, depending on weather which looks...not great. I might tackle Waumbek. It's close, and I need it for February even though I already have it for the winter 48 list.